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Literary Love – Savannah Was A Blast

As usual, Literary Love-Savannah was a blast and the city enchanting.

I always get a kick out of meeting an author who has a shade of purple in her name. Here I am with Kelly Violet. Kelly writes Contemporary New Adult Romance. How do you like my lunch table decorations?

At Literary Love, authors share tables at the signings. It’s always a crapshoot regarding who you’ll be placed next to.

Last year, I was next to fellow Florida Young Adult author Breezy Jones. This year, I was paired with an author I met for the first time, Ellie Raine. As we chatted, we discovered Fiona Jayde did our covers. Fiona has been with me from the beginning, doing all my cover work except for the Magic, New Mexico novellas. I took this photo and sent it to Fiona.

Her reply: “No way, OMG!!!!!! This totally made my day! And the matching PURPLE!!!! I can’t stop grinning!!”

One thing I love about attending conferences are all the friendships I’ve made over the years. Here I’m with Stephanie. I met her originally in Kansas City, we had dinner at the Pirate House last year in Savannah, and this year we posed for this photo. Stephanie is a pediatric nurse. As with all health care professionals, we owe them all a special thanks for everything they’ve done over the last two years for our communities.

A Blast at 2021 Space Coast & Upcoming 2022 Conferences

It was wonderful attending Space Coast Book Lovers Conference 2021 this year. There was a lot of hugging between vaccinated attendees…which I missed over the last 18 months. After two years, it felt like a family reunion!

Here is am with Mouse and her two daughters: Heather and Roxanne. I’m wearing my ‘Mouse’s Girls’ T-Shirt.

Before the conference, a group of us went to the Kennedy Space Center. It’s something you need to do if ever you are in the area. Here I am with Carol Van Natta in a Space Capsule.

Part of every conference is going out to dinner with friends. The night before the conference began, I organized a dinner of nine. Here we are standing in front of the bar waiting for our table to be ready. Laura Hawk, Carol Van Natta, Mystipul, Nessa, Julie, and S.E. Smith were good enough to pose for a picture with me.

Last, but not least, at the signing, S.E. Smith, Carol Van Natta, and I contributed to a Magic, New Mexico gift bag. Congratulations to our winner Lynn. The bag contained a number of books and a Kindle (donated by S.E. Smith).

How about joining me in 2022 at one of the three conferences I will be attending:

Weekend with the Authors in Nashville, TN May 11th- May 15th

Space Coast Book Lover’s Conference in Cape Canaveral, FL. June 22nd- June 26th

Literary Love in Savannah, GA July 20th-July 24th

Space Coast Book Lover’s Conference

One of the most enjoyable book conferences I attend yearly is the Space Coast Book Lover’s Conference in Cape Canaveral, Florida. After the 2020 cancellation of the conference, we’re all super excited for this year’s conference.

You can join me, S.E. Smith, Julia Mills, Teri Riggs, Julie Morgan, Elicia Hyder, and others in Cape Canaveral June 24th-June 27th.

Come early or stay late and head to the Kennedy Space Center where the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle missions launched from.

Conferences in 2021: Space Coast & Literary Love

I’ll be attending 2 conferences in 2021.

Space Coast Book Lovers: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Thursday June 24th through Sunday June 27th.

This is a super fun, intimate conference. I’ve been to all the Space Coast conferences and it’s like a second home to me.

I have a reader ticket to give away, if you want it, please e-mail me at


Literary Love Savannah: Savannah, Georgia

Thursday August 5 through Sunday August 8th

This conference is packed full of fun activities and parties to allow you intimate contact with 34 authors. Attendees must stay at the Savannah Marriott on the river. You are a block away from restaurants and stores.

Sign up by May 5th

Herd Immunity

From the Mayo Clinic Website:

‘Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of a community (the herd) becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely. As a result, the whole community becomes protected-not just those who are immune…

A vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19 is an ideal approach to achieving herd immunity. Vaccines create immunity without causing illness or resulting complications…’

In November, I had a flu shot for the first time. I never had the flu before and had never been part of the target population when shortages occurred. However, to support the concept of herd immunity, I got the shot (as well as one for the shingles).

On Monday, the first Americans received a COVID-19 Vaccine. It will be some time before I can get vaccinated, but as soon as I’m eligible, I’ll take advantage of it and become part of the herd.

Stay safe, my friends. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It will be wonderful to see your smiling faces at conferences next summer.

Trip To Austin

I spent election week in Austin, Texas (a 2-day drive for me). My hostess was my friend Katherine who has 9 cats and fostering her father’s 2 cats. Needless to say, I had plenty of cats to play with, reducing how much I missed my 3 babies. Her house was huge, so it was easy to practice social distancing.

She provided me a purple security blanket I wrapped around myself as we watched the election returns. There was also a bowl full of Halloween candy since she didn’t have any trick-or-treaters. I made a significant dent into the fun-size peanut M&Ms.

Thursday night we met my oldest friend for a delicious Tex-Mex dinner on an outdoor deck. I’ve known Lisa since 1st grade! I had shredded chicken with tomatillos salsa sauce. Delicious, below is a COVID-friendly photo where Lisa ducked in front of me.

It was a beautiful Texas fall evening.

Florida & Hurricane Eta

It’s a tough year, the Coronavirus not withstanding, when hurricane season works through the A-Z alphabet and begins with the Greek alphabet. I got confused when we went from Tropical Storm Zeta to Hurricane Eta. So I’ve included the Greek alphabet (for those of you who weren’t in a sorority or fraternity, like me), a radar photo of Eta and Florida, and finally a photo of the enclosed lanai with the hurricane shutters down.

The Greek Alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omikron, Pi, Rho, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, and Omega.

I guess it’s true, you learn something every day!

The cats and I hung out on the lanai while I wrote the content of this newsletter and the maids cleaned the house. Yes, I’m the Queen of Clutter!!!

Literary Love Savannah (LLS): SUMMERWEEN 2021

Can’t get enough Halloween? Join us in for Halloween in August 2021 and celebrate BOOKS at Literary Love Savannah (LLS): SUMMERWEEN 2021!

Join all the fabulous witches mingling with authors and readers alike.

This is always a fun packed conference in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. I will be part of an anthology available exclusively in paperback at the conference.

Don’t miss the fun!

Tickets can be purchased here:

Life During a Pandemic

Life during the pandemic has been mostly a solitary event. Thank goodness for my cats! I am fortunate and get out every day to play tennis with the same ladies. We practice social distancing while on the court. Once a week we enjoy lunch outside. The photo is dark since we are under a canopy. We are celebrating our Monday/Thursday tennis coordinator… a thank you for the work she does every week to get us on the courts.

Our fall tennis leagues have been cancelled due to the pandemic. We live in a bubble and don’t want outside people to burst the bubble. Snowbirds will start returning next month and our little tennis group will grow, but we’ll still be careful related to the virus. Most of the people I play tennis with are the target population, so we stopped huddling together during crossovers, shaking each other’s hands, and try to maintain a 6-foot clearance from each other.

Can you believe the woman in the front is 78-years-old? And she plays like a teenager!!!

Atlantic Coast Getaway

Before the virus hit, I tried to get away quarterly to write. In early September, I was lucky to get an Atlantic Coast condo along the Florida Atlantic Coast for a week. Like my earlier trip to Hilton Head, the resort required everyone wear masks and practice social distancing.

This photo was shot from my 6th floor balcony. There were days I didn’t go down to the beach, but wrote outside. With only one small elevator (allowing for only one customer at a time), some days it was easier just to hang out in my room and enjoy the ocean breeze from the balcony while I wrote.

For whatever reason, the Atlantic was Caribbean blue. The water was gorgeous!

I was amazed by the photo my iPhone took of the Atlantic at night. The ocean was relatively calm, with waves only breaking along the shore. I loved to sit on the balcony at night and stare at the wonder before me and be lulled to sleep by the waves.

My rental was only 45 minutes from S.E. Smith’s. On the way home, I had lunch with Susan and her husband. When we weren’t eating, we practiced social distancing…although the three of us ate outside at a table for 6.

Before we headed out for lunch, I spent quality time with Susan’s cat PIA.