Cats and Road Trips

I’m sure many of you traveled over the holiday. I spent Christmas with my sister and her husband in Jacksonville, Fl. While driving across Florida, I took the opportunity to have brunch with Susan (S.E. ) Smith and her husband Steve. Whenever I head to the east coast of Florida, I always make a point of seeing my good friend.

In January, I helped a friend move a sick cat from Austin, Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was great catching up with my friend, Katherine, and assist her in the move. The trip was uneventful accept for the truck that almost ran us off the road. The driver side mirror was the only casualty in that near accident. Here I am with Cinni. She had an appointment with a feline cardiologist who gave her a clean bill of health. Yes, I’m dressed for the frozen tundra again. Does anyone recognize the hat I’m wearing in this or the tennis photo?