Reading List

Eden’s Dragon
Crystal Enchantment
Magic’s Destiny
A Touch of Patience
A Touch of Prudence
A Touch of Harmony
Nightshade Saga 
Feral Nightshade
Lethal Nightshade
Deadly Nightshade
Drake’s Nightshade
Outer Worlds Passion
An Uncontrollable Passion
An Undeniable Passion
An Unleashed Passion
Shifters of Eclipse
A Cougar’s Longing
A Shifter’s Yearning
The Laurent Blood Legacy
Blood Entwined
Blood Interlaced
Blood Intermingled
Blood Interwoven
The Ultimate Act of Love
The Warriors of Eclipse
Endangered Mate
The Zaratan Trilogy
Worlds Apart
The Chameleon Soul Mate
The Crystal Telepath
The Warrior Woman
The Mind Control Telepath
The True Ruler
The Soul Mate
Books That Also Appear in S.E. Smith’s The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico
Touch of Patience
Touch of Prudence
Touch of Harmony
Blood Entwined
A Shifter’s Yearning
Nightshade Magic
Blood Interwoven
Crystal Enchantment
Wild Enchantment
Dangerous Enchantment

Evelyn Lederman, fantasy, paranormal romance author