Works in Progress

Believe it or not, I’ve got four works in progress. I wish my muse would focus! Like everything in life, ultimately due dates have the final say in what I’m writing.

To say I’m anal is a bit of an understatement. I have four new series brewing in my head but I have two series I need to finish. As promised, I will finish Nightshade Saga (Drake’s story) and the Young Adult Zaratan trilogy this year. Finishing a series is always difficult. How many times have you read a book and anxiously awaited the next one, only to be disappointed? I was thrilled with how I ended the Worlds Apart series. It was not how I intended to end it, but a stroke of genius hit me while writing the last chapter. I hope you agree.

There has been so much negativity in our lives, I hope you enjoy escaping into the worlds I have created. Romance writers generally do not get a lot of respect, but what’s wrong with presenting a story that will always guarantee a happily ever after? Over the years, I have met many of the wonderful authors who allowed me to escape into their worlds. Yes, I go fan girl crazy from time to time!

Here is to a great 2018!!