Circe’s Daughter

Someone is leaving mutilated bodies in their compound as a warning. But a warning for what?

Lyssa, the daughter of the Greek Goddess of Magic, already has a lot on her plate: two unblessed children, an unwanted engagement, a community of shifters and Atlanteans to run, and an assassin vampire lover. Even her second-in-command, wolf shifter Rion, is baffled by the murders.

A visit to the parallel dimension Atlantis, the realm of her birth, reveals an atrocity that brings the former Atlanteans to the brink of war. Only an appeal to Athena gives them a glimmer of hope against a foe supported by Ares, the God of War.

Fasten your seatbelt for this fast-paced urban fantasy, where magic and myth collide to create the Rhabdos: The Giver of Magic that chooses who will die and who will be immortal in the world of the supernatural.