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Latest Giveaways

I’m part of several giveaways. Take a look at them and see if you’ve read the book I’m offering or any of the other authors presented a book you’d love to read!

For the scifi lover in all of us. ‘Selected’ is part of the offering, but they have more than YA books you can check out. The promotion runs from November 1st- November 20th. So mark your calendars. I’ll remind you in my November newsletter (scheduled for November 13th).

What better way to celebrate Halloween than reading a novella that takes place on that supernatural night in Savannah? This promotion runs through October 30th. Grab your copy today. There are 131 books to choose from…Wow! ‘The Ultimate Act of Love’ was inspired by a ghost tour I took in Savannah during Authors After Dark.

You’ve got to admit, this graphic is sexy. Here’s another chance to grab‘Nightshade’ if you haven’t already. This promotion runs through November 5th. 137 titles are available for you to consider.