Salyt & Pepper

A Young Adult Witch Academy Book

Book Cover: Salyt & Pepper
Part of the Bishop Academy series:

When adopted fifteen-year-old Pepper Samuels receives a surprise scholarship to Blakeway Prep School, she didn't expect to attend a secret academy for witches. Witches? She wasn't a witch. Was she?

Bishop Academy is selective of the most magical of the families. Those bloodlines powerful enough to change the world.

With an evil magic syphon threatening Pepper and her new friends, she has a whole lot to learn if she wants to keep them safe. Can she pull it off in time or will her coven of friends end before they get started?

Sixteen-year-old Salyt Edwards comes to Bishop Academy and discovers the truth about her real family and the untapped magical abilities at her fingertips.

With the Council, her biological father, and grandmother trying to control her magic and life, Salyt fights for her right to live and love as she wants. But how can one student battle "the powers that be" and make a difference?

She's not sure, but with her long-lost sister by her side, they can do anything.