Out and About 2020

Conference Attendance 2020: 

In 2020, I will only be attending 3 conferences:

Weekend With the Authors
April 16th – April 19th in Nashville,

TN Space Coast Book Lovers
June 25th – June 27th in Cape Canaveral,

FL Literary Love Savannah
Thur 7/30 – Sun 8/2 in Savannah, GA

I will also be attending Coastal Magic (February 20th-23rd in Daytona Beach) as a reader, because 2 of my favorite authors will be attending: Shannon Butcher/Anna Argent and Jeaniene Frost.

If you are attending and want to hang out, contact me at [email protected]. Many of the same readers who attend Coastal Magic also attend Space Coast Book Lover’s, so I thought it would be a laid back weekend where I can go MAJOR FAN GIRL and not be in author-mode.

S.E. Smith, whose Magic, New Mexico world I write in, will also be an attending author.