The Edit Process

Some authors love to write/create, while others love to clean it up. For me, I love the creative process. The editing, not so much. I go through several drafts before I send it to my editor.

When I get my content/developmental edit back, my editor points out what I’m missing, where I went off track, what’s confusing, etc. Tina is conflict crazy, if there’s not enough conflict in the book to keep her interest, she lets me know.

The line edit cleans up my grammar, misspelling, word duplication in a finite space, word selection, the infamous comma, etc.

Finally, a copy edit is preparing for publication. I still send it to a proof reader to catch the inevitable errors.

If all goes well, the reader won’t be able to put the book down. The last thing I want to do is slow down a reader with errors. How many times have you reread a sentence because it didn’t make sense? Horrors!

The edits are back on Blood Intermingled and I’m on schedule for my February 25th release.

Should he offer immortality to a suicidal woman?

After a vicious attack, Elizabeth Stevenson attempted to take her life twice. Every time she closes her eyes, her nightmare returns. While visiting her grandmother, she encounters a man who wants to bring light into both of their lives. Can she leave her trauma behind and begin a new life?

Darrason Rainfros has been a vampire since Vikings raided the English and French coasts. The Laurent blood legacy would allow him to once again walk in the sun. When he meets the soul mate required to activate the spell, things become complicated as she struggles with the decision to end her life or become an immortal.

Will their love be substantial enough to activate the blood legacy?

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