Excerpt from Wild Enchantment

I sent ‘Wild Enchantment’, the second book in the Eden’s Dragon series, to my editor. Every time I turn over a manuscript to my editor, I feel like I’m turning in a term paper. At 62, I still have High School related anxieties.

Here’s the WIP (work in progress):

Freedom! Celine filled her lungs with the stale air in the living room where she’d materialized. For one precious day each year she escaped her imprisonment. She dragged a thin-material throw blanket off a nearby chair, wrapping it around her naked body. Soon she’d release her dragon and take to the sky.

Something cold and wet touched her foot. When she looked down, a cat had situated himself across one foot and licked the other. This was the orange tabby the male owner of the house had issues with. She couldn’t understand his contempt for the animal. He was adorable.

“Well, hello there,” Celine said as she picked up the tabby. “Should we go into the kitchen and get you a treat?”

Celine should have left the house and commenced her yearly ritual since she had only a precious twenty-four hours before she transformed back into a ceramic dragon figurine.

She searched the kitchen for a cat treat. There wasn’t a package with a photo of a satisfied cat plastered to the front visible in the ambient light created by multiple appliances. Before she had a chance to begin opening cabinets, the little feline jumped onto the counter and shoved a plastic canister with his paw. What a smart little guy!

After pouring a small amount into her palm, she presented the cat with his treats. He licked her hand between consuming pieces of kibble resembling fish. This was the most she’d interacted with anyone or anything for centuries. She ran her free hand down his long back. His orange fur felt soft to the touch, not coarse.

“You’re a good kitty,” she said. “If you only knew the terrible things Chase thinks about you.”

“Like what?” a female voice from behind her asked.

Celine let out of muted scream and the remaining kibble in her hand went flying, landing across the kitchen floor. The cat jumped off the counter and went after his reward.

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