Happy Holidays

When I was a kid, Eggnog and Pumpkin Pie ice-cream symbolized the holidays. My father LOVED ice cream, so I can’t have a scoop without thinking about him.

This year, I craved Peppermint Stick ice cream. Since I’m always watching my weight, I shied away from getting the ice-cream since I couldn’t get an individual serving size. I finally broke down and purchased a half-gallon carton. Each evening, I had a scoop until the ice cream was gone.

Now I’m craving the Pumpkin Pie ice-cream that was in the same freezer case.

My first cat was a Siamese cat named K.C. (Killer Cat). KC was more likely to claw you than lick you. But he was the world’s best cat in my eyes. Because of KC, I’ve never attempted to dress up my cats in holiday gear…basically out of fear. LOL.

I’m therefore, wishing you a Happy Holiday season again using someone else’s cats. These kittens are adorable.

So Precious, Stefano, and Rudie wish you Happy Holidays and a WONDERFUL 2021!!!